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39th General Assembly of International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
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The 39th session of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) General Assembly was hosted by china in Beijing  from the 9th to 14th of September, 2016. ISO is the largest developer of international standards. As an active member of ISO, the General Manager of Standards and Quality Agency (ANOR), Mr. BOOTO à NGON Charles, headed an important Cameroonian delegation to Beijing-china. Other than officials of Cameroon’s national standards body ANOR, the delegation included observers from Cameroon’s Telecommunications Regulatory Board (ART), Communal Special Fund for Mutual Assistance (FEICOM) and the League of Cameroon Consumers Associations (LCC).

The General Assembly which is the highest governing body of ISO brought together key decision makers from the world of standardization. It permitted ANOR and the entire Cameroonian delegation to benefits from their participation through exchange of ideas and best practices, and make valuable connections for standardization course.

This Assembly offered a platform to examine strategic issues and policies, financial report of the organization and the progress of technical activities since the last General Assembly of September 2015 in Seoul South-Korea. The new 2016-2020 strategic plan of the organization’s implementation modalities and the 2016-2020 strategic plans for developing countries were particularly examined. The two strategies were examined with keen interest on results and on implementation progress. The assembly equally reiterated the importance of the participation of developing countries in international standardization in order to gain socio-economic benefits of standards.

The General Assembly also saw the election of a new President for the period 2018-2020, in the person of Mr. John Walter, of Canadian nationality and CEO of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). The African candidate, Mr. Edward NJOROGE, Kenyan national, on which the whole of Africa had nurtured the hopes of making history through governing this prestigious organization, lost the election on a one vote difference.

On the other hand, the General Manager of ANOR in his capacity as Vice President for African Standardization Network and Francophonie (RNF) took some time off to chair the General Assembly of the association. Beyond the financial balance sheet, the report of the Secretary General highlighted several important projects to be implemented by the association. One of which included the project on "Women, youth and standardization” whose goal is to ensure a better contribution of standards and quality in improving the competitiveness of women's entrepreneurship through the creation of pilot businesses managed by women wing of the association ‘Cellules Femmes et Normalisation (CNFN)’ implemented within French African National Standards Bodies (NSB).  Meanwhile, ANOR will be creating Cameroon’s unit on women and standardization in the course of October, 2016.

At the close of the consultations, Cameroon’s mandate was renewed in the Council of the Association for African Standardization Network and Francophonie (RNF).

Moreover, Cameroon participation was an opportunity to review the implementation of partnership agreements and make contacts for future partnerships in order to strengthen national quality infrastructure. To this effect, and to ensure effective contribution of ANOR in the implementation of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), the General Manager continue negotiations with the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the European Committee for Electro technical Standardization (CENELEC) for ANOR to attend the status of Companion Standardization Body (CSB) as of the 1st January 2017 in CEN / CENELEC. This status will permits Cameroon through ANOR :

  • To have direct access to European standards catalog  and the content of these standards;
  • Participate in Technical Committees works of  CEN / CENELEC  and as an observer member with access to working documents;
  • To participate in CEN-CENELEC meetings (including  General  Assembly);
  • To adopt and ratify the same European standards into our national standards catalog.

This important partnership shall further permits ANOR to master standards and regulatory requirements of the European market to better sensitize our economic operators in order to facilitate access of their products to the market and ensure that standards do not constitute an unnecessary barrier dealings  with the European Union.

The General Manager of ANOR once again seize this opportunity to appeal to all stakeholders in the domain of standardization, technical and financial partners to get involved in standards activities to develop a  genuine  quality  infrastructure  in  Cameroon.


BOOTO à NGON Charles

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