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Standards and Quality Agency (ANOR), joins the international community to celebrated the 47th edition of World Standards Day on October 14, 2016, with the theme "Standards build Trust".

This Day was instituted by members of ISO, IEC and ITU, the three main organs that form the World Standards Cooperation (WSC) to highlight the progress made on standards designed by the thousands of experts worldwide. In fact, standards are important because they contribute significantly to the economic development of the world, especially developing countries. Standards enhance trade and facilitate free trade, promote the competitiveness of local products in the international market and ensure quality products and systems.

Standards constitute important economic tool the world over.  It is within this background that, conscious of the contributions standards has in the emergence of Cameroon by 2035 and determine to sustainably inscribe his country’s economy into modernity, His Excellency Paul Biya, President of the Republic of Cameroon , created through the decree of 17 September 2009 Standards and Quality Agency (ANOR).

At the signing of the decree creating ANOR, Cameroon barely had 300 standards and now she can boost of 1702 standards in the following sectors; Agriculture and Food production, Public works and Industrial infrastructure, Construction materials as well as in the Health sector. The 47th edition of World Standards Day is being celebrated approximately 45 days after the official launch of Pre-Shipment Conformity Assessment Programme (PECAE) of goods imported to the Republic of Cameroon.

This year’s theme of the World Standards Day is centered on trust. A trust that is profitable to all as standards connect us to reliable means of communication, best codes of practice and guidelines for cooperation frameworks. By providing a common understanding of the basis of communication or transactions, standards are essential for mutually beneficial trade and effective use of resources in international trade.

On this occasion of the World Standards Day, mobilizing Governments and International Stakeholders, Economic operators, and members of the Civil Society constitute an important step. Together, let's pledge to respect standards to guarantee the economic growth of Cameroon. Standards and Quality Agency is planning a series of communication activities that will begin October 13, 2016 to celebrate this day.

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