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Cameroon admitted to AFFILIATE PLUS status
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The Secretary General of International Electrotechnical Commission Mr. Vreeswijk wrote to the General Manager of Standards and Quality Agency Mr. Charles Booto à Ngon to formally declare the admission of Cameroon to AFFILIATE PLUS status.

This new status allows ANOR to benefit from 400 additional IEC standards for adoption against 200 previously.

Thus, with this status, ANOR will be able to increase its participation in the international standardization activities organized by International Electrotechnical Commission. With new standards, Standards and Quality Agency will also be able to respond to market needs at the national level in the field of standards.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the international standardization organization in charge of the domains of electricity, electronics, electromagnetic compatibility, nanotechnology and related technologies. It is composed of representatives of different member states national electrotechnical committees.

The IEC was created in 1906 and currently has 85 members including 62 full members and 23 associate members. In order to promote the participation of developing countries, it has set up the affiliate program which currently has 86 participants.


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