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Cameroonian’s Draft Standards : ANOR launches the public inquiry N°4 (PI4)
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The General Manager of  the Standards and Quality Agency, ANOR, informs all the stakeholders of standardization that, in accordance with  Law N° 96/11 of August 05, 1996 relating to standardization, Decree N° 2009/296 of September 17, 2009 creating the Standards and Quality Agency and for the purpose of being in harmony with the "Code of practice for the development, adoption and  application of the standards" of the World Trade Organization ,WTO, the Cameroonian’s Draft standards adopted by the Technical Committee of standardization N°49 (TC 49) wood technologies and products are subjected to a public  inquiry  of three (03) months as soon as the release is published.

The aim of this process is to invite the stakeholders to express themselves on the technical contents of the aforesaid draft standards.

Any other person interested by this activity such as  economic operators, public administrations, civil society organizations may consult the Web site of  ANOR ( ) in order to be aware of the list of the draft standards subjected to the  public inquiry.

All notices shall be formulated in writing and transmitted to ANOR by mail Fax, or e-mail at the addresses indicated below :

Agence des Normes et de la Qualité (ANOR),
P.O. Box 14966 Yaounde-Cameroon,
Phone: +237 222 206 368,
Fax: +237 222 218 754,

After examination of the results of the public inquiry and taken into account the relevant proposals by the Technical Committee, these draft standards shall be seen assigned the statute of Cameroonian’s Standards.

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