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ANOR launches a collection operation of standards requirements
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In accordance with law n° 96/11 of  05 August 1996 relating to standardization and decree n° 2009/296 of the bearing September 17th, 2009 creation, organization and operating the Standards and Quality Agency (ANOR) and pursuant to the circular of the Prime Minister, Head of Government n° 008/PM of November 12th,  2010 relating to the development processes of the national program of standardization, the Agency of the Standards and Quality, ANOR, launches for 30 days duration starting from February 2nd, 2017, an operation of collection of the requirements in standards.

Economic operators, administrations of the public sector, professional organizations, consumers associations and any other standardization stakeholder are invited to forward their standards requirements at ANOR to the following addresses :

Web site :
Official Letter: Po Box 14966
Tel: 222 20 63 68/696 21 97 47
Fax: (237) 222 21 87 54



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