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For customer satisfaction requirements : The need to improve the procedure of selling standards.
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This is the preliminary results following the application of pre-shipment conformity assessment program (PECAE) and the inauguration of ANOR’s littoral regional office.

Three weeks after the launch of Pre-shipment Conformity Assessment Program (known by its French acronym PECAE) on products imported into the Republic of Cameroon, and barely one month after the effective opening of the Littoral Regional Office –ANOR, users demand for standards purchased has been on the rise.This is a clear demonstration of the interest manifested by users on standards activity including strong increasing awareness on the role played by compliance with standards in the development of quality infrastructure. On this satisfactory note, the department of standards is far more determine to meet up with the growing demand through continuous improvement of quality services.

In effect, as required by quality policy guidelines defined in Quality Management System (QMS) of the department of Standards (DN), Standards and Quality Agency (ANOR) has been committed to really servicing her users through “meeting up to the needs and expectations of stakeholders, by putting in place customer focus measures". These services (customer focus measures) put in place since the launch of PECAE has permitted us to reach necessary decisions to improve the procedure of standards sales.

It is with this regard that was held September 16, 2016 in ANOR conference room, a meeting to revise the procedure for sale of standards. The major idea was to adapt to customer demand for online sale of standards. At the end of the consultation, participants formulated the following recommendations :

  • To revised the procedure for the sale of standards;
  • Draft a coordination protocol between the Department of Standards and Littoral Regional Branch office and implementation thereof;
  • Envisage online sales of standards;
  • Finally and urgently too, the implementation of recommendations formulated.

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