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National Standards Development Program : The Annual Work Plan is validated by the General Manager of ANOR
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Annual work plan is the basis of drafting standards.Prime ministerial circular No. 008 / PM of 12 November 2010 further prescribe triennial production of National Standards Development Program (PNEN).

National Standards Development Programis a document thatrank standards needs by priority, presented by stakeholders and subsequently programming standardization activities.Unfortunately, activities leading to the drafting of the national standards development program (PNEN)  have witness some setback due to certain constraints thereby weighing down its execution. Amongst others, one can cite the recruitment of a consulting firm to assessed standards needs of socio-economic sectors and conducting an evaluation study to assessed standards needs in view of supporting economic development strategy.

Production of PNEN requires multiple resources that ANOR can only mobilize within a long term. For that reason, the department of Standards has only produced an Annual Work Plan (AWP) for the period 2016-2017.Considering all stakeholders’ comments and contributions of standardization domain form the public, private and civil society, the General Manager of ANOR, Mr. Charles BOOTO A NGON went ahead to approve an Annual Work Plan on September 9, 2016.

Basically, the AWP is an annual planning document of standards development work. It covers the following sectors: construction, food, textile, health and welfare, environment, administration, finance and banking, etc.The AWP is an interim solution (pending the production of a PNEN). It is similar to the National Standards Development Program, as regards the prioritization of needs. It is equally the main working document for formulating Cameroonian Standards (NC) within the annual period from July 2016 to June 2017. In that direction, standards development work is expected to begin soon.

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