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Held under the theme: "investment in the refining, storage, transportation and distribution of petroleum products in Central Africa: Stakes and Challenges", the 2nd  Oil and Gas Lunch forum was celebrated on 27th and 28th October, 2016 at hotel la Falaise Yaoundé.

The Oil and Gas Lunch forum, organized with the institutional support of the Ministry of Water and Energy, and the technical support of the Cameroon Petroleum Professional Association, was a meeting point for knowledge sharing among professionals in the oil and gas retailing sector. The goal behind oil and gas lunch forum was to provide answers to the problem of controlling available energy resources and their contribution to socio-economic emergence of African countries in general and the Central African sub-region in particular.

Emphasis was laid on presentations delivered by experts on topics that focus on the problem of persistent drop in the barrel of oil prices. The contribution of ANOR, presented by Mr. Francis ZIBI, focused on "Harmonization of safety standards in the supply chain of oil and gas products in the CEMAC zone: Opportunities and constraints."

This presentation was intended to remind participants of the benefits of standards, the current situation of quality infrastructure in the CEMAC zone and the need for harmonization of standards in the sub-region, as is the case with the European Union and the South African Development Community.

The workshop also helped to generate new ideas, encourage knowledge sharing and accelerate the development of new concepts, innovative products and technologies essential to meet the growing energy demand in the sub-region states.

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