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The General Manager of Standards and Quality Agency (ANOR) announces to the general public and all interested parties the approval of seven hundred and fifty-eight (758) Cameroonian Technical Specifications (CTS) in the following areas :

- Fertilizers (108);
- Civil Engineering and Road Engineering (209);
- Chemical engineering (146);
- Textile, leather and clothing industry (159);
- Road vehicles (136).

A Cameroonian Technical Specification is a document established by consensus within the Technical Standardization Committees that provides for common and repeated uses, rules, guidelines or characteristics, for activities or their results guaranteeing an optimal level in a given context for immediate application.

It permits us to have feedback on its use pending the conduct of public inquiry for its final adoption as a Cameroonian Standard.

The process of adopting CTS meets the international requirements for the development of Standards (ISO / IEC Guide 2)

The 758 CTS are now available for sale in ANOR.


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