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Selection campaign for experts
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In prelude to the effective start of Technical Committee activities in charge of the development, adoption and revision of standards in the following areas:

  • Aggregates for Concrete and Mortar (Sand, Gravel, Pozzolan) Other Building Materials;
  • Architecture and Real Estate Construction;
  • National Electro technical Committee;
  • Electricity, Electrotechnics;
  • Metallurgy, iron and steel industry, metalworking;
  • Civil and Road Engineering;
  • Packaging and Packaging Industry;
  • Telecommunication and Audio and Video Techniques;
  • Natural and Renewable Energy;
  • Lubricants, Greases and Derivatives;
  • Oil Products;
  • Transportation and Road Safety;
  • Terminology, Documentation and Standardization;
  • Fundamental Standards and General;
  • Tourism and Related Services;
  • Road Vehicles;
  • Mirror Committee on the Environment and Natural Environment;
  • Cosmetic products;
  • Health and Social Action;
  • Crafts, Art and Culture;
  • Paper and Cardboard Technology;
  • Textile Industry, Leather and Designing;
  • Elastomer, Rubber and Plastic;
  • Agriculture and Fishery Products;
  • Fertilizer;
  • Food products and Technology;
  • Chemical Engineering;
  • Maintenance and other Industrial Service;
  • Non-Timber Forest Products;
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Engineering;
  • Milk and Dairy Product;
  • Beverages;
  • Meat;
  • Halal products;
  • Consumables and Other Services;
  • Certificate of Conformity ;
  • Tobacco and Tobacco Products,

Standards and Quality Agency (ANOR) hereby launches a selection campaign for experts in the fields mention above. The said experts will be in charge of studying and/or drafting future Cameroonian standards in specific sectors in view of examination by their Technical Committees. 

For this purpose, an application form is available and will be submitted to the assessment of an Expert Selection Committee. This duly completed, signed and dated form should be returned to the Department of Standards or at no later than Friday, June 15, 2018 at 3:30 pm.

The complete application file consists of the following:

  • An application form duly completed, dated and signed;
  • A certified copy of the required diploma (s);
  • Proof of experience (work certificates, service certificates, etc.);
  • A taxpayer card;
  • A medical certificate.

This selection process of experts does not in any way imply recruitment within the Agency.

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