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August 24, 2016 was the D-day for the installation of ANOR management team in Littoral Regional Office. The short ceremony was presided over by the General Manager’s personal representative Mr. Léonard Denis PIEDJOU who doubles as the Technical Adviser N°2 in ANOR.

The brief ceremony that consisted in inaugurating the littoral regional office took place at the conference hall in the regional office. The main goal was to assemble business leaders together given that a better part of business activities are in Douala and to facilitate their transaction within the framework of the implementation of Pre-Shipment Conformity Assessment Programme (PECAE) of goods imported to the Republic of Cameroon.

Installing management team in their new functions Mr. Serge VIANG as Head of branch office and his collaborators, the representative of the General Manager strongly advised them to focus on the dynamics of solidarity, discipline and team spirit for continuous improvement. In his capacity as Technical Adviser No 2 in ANOR, Mr. Léonard Denis PIEDJOU instructed the new management team to be worthy ambassadors of ANOR in the Littoral Region. This implies the respect of best values advocated by ANOR namely: objectivity, transparency and equity.

Speaking after the representative of the General Manager, the Director of Administration and Finance Mr. Jacques Josué ANABA stressed on the administrative component of their installation. He then read out the appointment decision commissioning the new management team while promising unflinching support of the top management in ANOR.

The Littoral Regional Office of ANOR is located in Douala II district, Koloko Street, main entrance of College Mongo Joseph. More regional representations of ANOR are expected in Garoua and Kribi.

The Douala Office management team consists of :

  • Mr. Serge VIANG-Head of the Branch
  • Mr. Lionel Many-Data-processing pool
  • Mr. BINA Jack-Lorris-Reception, mail, files and secretary
  • Mr. BIAKOLO Biakolo-Technical service /Conformity Assessment/standardization/Promotion
  • Mr. BOAISSACK BASSILEKIN Maxime-Technical service /Conformity Assessment/standardization/Promotion
  • Mr. Pouedogo LELE KARELLER-Technical service /Conformity assessment /standardization/Promotion
  • Mrs. Maffo Takom Hermine Laure Spouse NGON-General affairs service
  • Mrs. Doo Dio Ernestine Rose Nadia Spouse NEN EBONGUE-General affairs service

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