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Cameroonian Draft standards : ANOR launches public inquiry N°8 (PI-8)
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The General Manager of Standards and Quality Agency (ANOR) wishes to inform all the stakeholders of standardization that, in conformity with the Law N° 96/11 of August 05, 1996 on standardization, Decree N° 2009/296 of September 17, 2009 creating the Agency for Standards and Quality amended by Decree No. 2019/143 of March 19, 2019 and in compliance with the "Code of practice for the development, adoption and application of standards" of the World Trade Organization (WTO), twenty two (22) Cameroonian Draft standards adopted by Technical Committee on Tobacco and tobacco products (TC47) are submitted to public inquiry for three months (03), from october 02 to december 31th, 2020.

The purpose of this process is to collect views and suggestions of interested parties on the technical content of the said Draft Standards.

Private sector, public administrations, civil society and other interested parties of this activity may consult ANOR website at for the list of draft standards submitted to this public inquiry.

All suggestions and recommendations must be written and transmitted to ANOR by mail or email to the addresses indicated below :

Standards and Quality Agency (ANOR),
P.O. Box 14966 Yaounde-Cameroon,
Phone : +237 672708746

E-mail :

Upon examination of the results from the public inquiry and consideration of relevant proposals by the Technical Committee, these draft standards shall be approved and attributed Cameroonian Standards status.

List of draft standards submitted to this public inquiry


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