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Mirror Committee No. 23 on Environment and Natural milieu meeting in prelude to participation in the development of ISO 318 standard
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A meeting of Mirror committee no. 23 on Environment and Natural milieu took place in Yaoundé on the 19th of December 2018. The committee session was presided over by the Chairman Mr. EBOUTE MBAPPE Claude, whose mission is to prepare Cameroon’s position in the development of ISO 318 international standard.

Deliberations focused mainly on the examination of ISO 318 Standard on Faecal (fecal) Sludge Treatment Unit, Prefabricated unit with autonomous local energy resource recovery and Emergency safety performances. Participants were expected to review comments made by national experts following the reading out of ISO 318 draft Standard to prepare national position in the upcoming works from the 1st  to 4th of  April 2019 at Kampala-Uganda.

Concluding the session and in addition to the recommendations made, the Committee agreed to receive extra comments from experts within the first half of January 2019.

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