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The General Manager of Standards and Quality Agency (ANOR) informs the administrations, public and private organizations as well as businessmen and users, that ANOR now has a new security system for physical (hardcopy) normative documents intended for sale.

This system facilitates the detection of compliant normative documents, through the presence of the following security elements:

  • The watermark presence on each page of the name of the structure in possession of the normative document concerned;
  • The presence of an "ANOR" hologram on two pages of the content of the normative document concerned.

Consequently, Standards and Quality Agency (ANOR) deny any responsibility on the use of normative documents that do not comply with requirements mentioned above.

The General Manager of ANOR is counting on the collaboration of all for a judicious implementation of this new secured system aim at guaranteeing the reliability of the normative documents made available to all stakeholders.

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