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Students from the University of Dschang visit the Head Office of Standards and Quality Agency (ANOR)
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A delegation from the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences (FASA) of the University of Dschang visited the Head Office of Standards and Quality Agency on Friday, September 30, 2016. The reason behind the visiting group of five students was to get abreast on standardization and certification activities conducted by ANOR.

The group of students was welcomed and entertained by two senior employees of ANOR in the persons of Mr. KEGUENI Paul Claude Aimé, Focal Point of the Technical Committees in the Department of Standards and Mrs. Chouya TCHAKOUNTE Garonne form the Department of Conformity Assessment. Discussions centred on the presentation of ANOR, standardization procedure, how a technical committee operates and certification of imported and local products.

At the end of these presentations was a question and answer session. The exercise raised questions and focused essentially on the difference between standard and technical regulation, monitoring products in our markets, the process of conformity assessment, the process of purchase and sale of standards, and finally when ANOR intent to operate its own laboratory.

The visit ended on a satisfactory note with students from the faculty - FASA visibly satisfied with the quality of the reception and the information received. Before leaving, they expressed the wish to see ANOR help them complete their courses by accepting them on internships.


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